Thursday, 27 December 2007

Railway Station Woop

We were at the train station the other morning, so I thought I may as well do a woop while we were waiting for the train. I actually shot another woop in a different part of the station as well, which I'll upload next time.

Comments welcome as always :-)

Steve, can't you woop more than once? My dog can woop more than you!
I wonder what people find more curious; the woop or that you're holding a video camera at arms length.
Hehe, yeah, good point.

I could easily test this, scientifically:
(1) Do some woops using a hidden camera,
(2) Hold a camera at arm's length but other than that act normal, and
(3) do more woops with the camera (as a control).

Then just tally up which gets the most attention, and voila! There's your answer.

But who would pay for such a ridiculous study?
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