Sunday, 16 December 2007

I'm woop guy and I like saying "Woop"

Hi, my name is Steve and I like saying "woop". Do you have any woops you'd like to share? Post them to YouTube and send me the url, and I'll consider adding them here - to the woop capital of the world.

Here's my first woop:

Until next time, happy wooping!


Nice try Steve, but the multi-woop is my version that has many purposes. Check it out here:
If a man says woop in the forest and no-one hears him, did he actually woop?
h, you know I'm a fan of your woop-woops. Hope to see you here often!

efinger, that's an excellent question. I guess it would depend if he was deaf, as well.
Make sure you post the grocery store Woop!! my all time favourite!!
I'm the guy running in the "Wilderness Woop" with Howard filming, and wooping off camera. The double woop, and alas, the woop in general, originated here, in California, as a multi-purpose form of communication, a mimesis (look it up) of the venerable coyote. We use it while running to locate each other. It's much more economical than words, easier to utter under exertion, and seems to travel farther and be heard better over the wind. Changes in inflection can reflect distress, elation or more often than not, confusion. While your single woop could easily be imagined as a symptom of Teret's Syndrome, our double woop is an unmistakable and complex form of communication, as indigenous to California as the wild coyote.
hi steve it's owen, seen all of your woops. happy wooping
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